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DdD Retail helps DK Company with rapid integration after acquisitions

In the past year, one of Denmark’s largest fashion companies, DK Company, has grown even bigger. With the acquisition of InWear, Matinique, Part Two, Soaked in Luxury and Bon’A Parte, the company is now undeniably one of the largest Nordic fashion brand groups.

Following the acquisitions, the acquired companies now also use the POS solution from DdD. In just a month and a half, more than 70 cash registers have been delivered across five countries.

Mettelene Boldt Engdahl, Outlet Manager and one of the leaders who followed the acquisition, sees many benefits in the solutions from DdD:

“We operate both our own stores and the franchises, as well as supplying to independent stores and chains. We also have online and outlet sales. On top of that, we are based in several countries. DdD’s solutions help us at all levels to maintain overview, improve organisation and provide the best customer service possible.”
With DdD’s solutions, the group can monitor operations in real time and get an accurate picture of what sells best and where.

“There are considerable differences from city to city in what customers prefer. By being able to see which products sell best at the individual locations, we can easily move items from stores where there is less demand, “says Mettelene Boldt Engdahl. “The solution helps us improve organisation and enables each individual store to better match its local clientele.”


One of the reasons that getting the newly acquired stores started with the chosen cash register solution has been relatively easy is due to its usability, says Mettelene Boldt Engdahl:

“It’s very easy to use the POS solution and the various functions. This means that employees have become familiar with the system very quickly and are taking full advantage of it. If there is anything you can’t remember or understand, DdD provides very helpful support, and they also offer E-learning, which is accessible 24/7. All our employees have gone through the cash register functions on E-learning beforehand and can subsequently use it as a reference.”

“Therefore, we’re now up and running in the departments and stores that haven’t used the solution before. And we are using it with full functionality.”
Cash terminals come with a customer screen where customers are not only able to follow the transaction, but can also see messages and offers from the store.

“With the customer screen and the integrated card terminal, the transaction takes place much more easily. It allows you to continue the positive dialogue with the customer and give them a proper send-off, rather than everything revolving around the transaction and challenges with the payment terminal. On the customer screen, we can also inform about loyalty programmes and other activities in the shop. And it helps strengthen the positive relationship with customers, “says Mettelene Boldt Engdahl.


The DdD solution has also been implemented at the franchisees and provides them with an extra advantage.

“Many of the franchisees have chosen to include the back office option in their solution. This means that they are given an easier solution for their own administration,” Mettelene Boldt Engdahl explains.

Invoice processing

A feature that will be used frequently in DK Company’s stores, according to Mettelene Boldt Engdahl, is the approval of parts of an invoice.

“We often receive invoices that include goods that won’t be delivered until later. With this solution, we can choose to accept individual parts, e.g. corresponding to what has actually been delivered. And then we can easily authorise the payment of the remaining goods when they arrive.”

The DdD solution has helped the group through a major acquisition and has been a major contributor in the process of getting the companies integrated and cooperating. It means that DK Company has been able to gain clarity and efficiency in a short period of time, and has the tools to make the right decisions in local markets and various countries.

About DK Company

The fashion company DK Company was founded by Jens Poulsen in 2001 and is headquartered in Ikast. In 2012, the company was listed in Copenhagen on Nasdaq OMX First North. DK Company had a turnover of over 1.6 billion in 2013, with an operating profit of DKK 94 million, corresponding to a profit ratio of 5.7 percent.

This year, DK Company expects to achieve a turnover in the range of DKK 1.7-1.8 billion and an operating profit of DKK 100-110 million.

DK Company comprises a total of 18 fashion brands, including InWear, Matinique, Blend, b.young and Fransa. The clothes are mainly produced in China, India and Bangladesh.

DK Company has 1,500 employees, including the employees of the group’s 250 full or franchise-owned retail stores.

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